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Ani Michele x Fifi & Mo Collab

Ani Michele x Fifi & Mo Collab


After 1 discussion with Christina Smallwood regarding her beautiful, sweet, & energetic daughter Finley and her battle with Cerebral Palsy, we decided to do a collaboration to raise awareness for CP. March is CP awareness month and I couldn't be more excited about this partnership with this duo! This is when
Ani Michele and
Fifi & Mo come together to give back to "Cerebral Palsy Foundation" (CPF)
Finley lives with Spastic CP & it limits her brain's ability to tell her muscles what to do. Cerebral Palsy is the #1 most common motor disability in childhood! Finley is a spirited 7-year-old & does not let that stop her! 
We chose the color green as that is the color that represents CP. You ask why the color green for CP? Green represents new growth, vibrant lives, and renewal of life. Thousands of children are born with CP everyday, and a new generation of adults are navigating the world with the disability. Green seems to be the perfect match!
With that being said, we decided to name the green shade "Green For Fin." This is a metallic green polish with a ton of sparkle that is very noticeable when in the light. Just like Finley and her contagious smile.
You will also notice that there is a bright shade of yellow that is in the set as well. The Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF) in 2017 launched a campaign in public schools across the country, focused on furthering the inclusion of students with disabilities in schools. The campaign is called "Just Say Hi. Hence the name of the yellow polish. This shade of yellow screams happiness, friendship, and unity. So ask yourself, "How do you start a conversation with someone who has a disability?" The simple answer to that is "Just Say Hi." 
We hope you are as excited about this collaboration as we are. There is nothing like giving back to our communities and spreading awareness while doing so. 
The proceeds of every bottle of polish sold will be donated to Cerebral Palsy Foundation. At CPF they are dedicated to providing the best resources + research for CP. We are so excited for their existence and could not think of a better organization to support! So, remember to "Smile, shine, & take it one day at a time" 
*Christina Smallwood*
**Each set includes 1 bottle of "Green For Fin" & 1 bottle of "Just Say Hi!"**
**Sets will be available to ship the week of 3/15**
**Photos by @meaganarmstrongphotography**

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