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About Us

Ani Sousamian, Founder and Owner of Ani Michele Products

Inspire Happiness.

At Ani Michele we care about making a positive difference within you and the world around you.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ani Sousamian, founder and owner of Ani Michele Products LLC is a 3rd generation Armenian-American and a very proud mother of two loving boys and wife to a supportive and devoted husband. Ani's passion and infatuation for nail polish has been with her since early childhood. So it's no surprise that her love for polish would materialize into Ani developing her very own line of lacquer.

Only Ani's lacquer is different - as it colors the world literally and figuratively.  Ani views her new line as an opportunity to inspire, empower and compliment each women's beauty and personality, inside and out. Her lacquer is more of the final touch accessory that gracefully ties together an outfit or establishes one's mood. Ani takes pride in the fact that her lacquer is Free of Harsh Chemicals, Cruelty-Free, Made in the USA and Vegan-Friendly.  She believes strongly in staying positive and always hoping for the best.

Her inspirational motto on the bottom of each bottle reads "always believe that something wonderful is about to happen". She preaches a positive karmic lifestyle and her branding further supports her initiative to inject goodness and happiness in all those that adorn Ani Michele lacquer. Figuratively speaking, her polish is a reminder of how to live, a means to empower, feel good about one's self and make a positive impact on those around you.

With this mindset, Ani intends to reach for the stars, do what she loves to do and make a positive impact on women everywhere while she does it. Life is a splash of color! What color do you want to be today?