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Nail Polish - Sweet….1119

Nail Polish - Sweet….1119


A polish name with a story behind it…When I was thinking about a name for this shade I was truly having a tough time with it. Because of its mauve and gray tones, I couldn’t really think of anything creative. So, I reached out to my sisters (I have 3 of them, super blessed!).

When my one sister saw the color, she grabbed it and said: “I LOVE THIS COLOR”. At that moment, I looked at the bottom of the bottle to view what number was labeled on there. It was labeled “1119”, which is her birthday!!! AKA November 19th!

I excitedly said, “you’re never going to believe what number is on the bottom of this bottle”! At that moment, I told her that I was going to name this shade after her somehow.

The way I got the word “sweet” is because the word “Anush” in Armenian means “sweet”. Introducing “Sweet…1119” A must have for everyone’s collection.

Photo by: @fixintodomynails

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